8 Great Tips to Secure Your Website From Hackers – Protect WordPress Website From Hackers

After run your WordPress blog your need to know about protect website from hackers ,Protect WordPress Website From Hackers  . In this article we will explain you 8 Great Tips to Secure Your Website From Hackers , For every website owner must need to be alert about your WordPress security, this is most importance think for each blog owner . Making your web site live is like unlocking the door to your premises along with your workplace and safe open.Most of the peoples as visit your physical building can never even recognize that every one of your knowledge is there to get simply by walking in. often you will  discover somebody with malicious motive , and this person will walk steal data . For this causes your need to locks on doors and safes or the hacker will steal all your data . You can never back the damage data done by a hacker, you can take steps to obstruct it.

If you are serious about your website, So your need to pay attention about How to protect website and about WordPress security , Why Website Security is very Important? Every site are running for any of business issue or make revenue from online , if hacker hacked your WordPress site its causes can be big problem to your business revenue and reputation.

After hack wordpress site hackers change your information, password , then install malicious software its causes damage all your important data . If you run online business and your website is a business website , then you need to pay extra attention about WordPress security and keep your site safe. In this article will discus about how you can safe your own website from hacker .

8 Great Tips to Secure Your Website From Hackers :

1.Understand the Threat

For safe your WordPress site 1st think to know about threat , understand the threat , from starting point is to know about what attacks you could be facing. Understand the Threat is very necessary part , but its very easy to know with register with a reputable site which will advise you daily on the latest threats. And the website also provide you with potential synthesis and solutions to each of these threats. Then you can ensure your system are updated and fixed the potential threat.

2. Keep Updated WordPress

WordPress is an open source software which is regularly maintained and updated. WordPress also comes with 1000 of Themes and plugins  that you can install on your website. All of these themes and plugins maintained by third-party developers which regularly release updates as well. Your need to keep your site all plugin updated .

Keeping WordPress Updated

3. Used Strong Passwords and User Permissions

The most hacker try to stolen passwords for hack any WordPress website . For safe your site your need to make that hard by using stronger passwords that are unique for your website. Do it WordPress admin area, FTP accounts, database, WordPress hosting account, and your professional email address.

Used Strong Passwords and User Permissions


4. Install a web application firewall

For keep safe your site install firewall web application firewall it can be software or hardware based. This firewall kit between your website server and the data connection and reads every bit of data passing through it. They are an necessary step to fight against hackers.

Install a web application firewall

5. Hide admin pages

After Run your website if you don’t want to indexed your admin page on search engines , so you should use the robots txt file to restrict search engines from listing your website admin page. If search engines not indexed your admin page then they are harder for hackers to find. This is a very good tutorial about How to Create Robots.txt Files and  how to Analyze Your Robots.txt File watch the tutorial from SEObook.com is all the help you will need.

Hide admin pages

6. Use SSL

You have perhaps already listen about (SSL) its called Single Sockets Layer , This is a security measure which encrypted SSL protocol to demise users’ personal information between the website and your database. This will obstruct the information being read in conductance and accesses without the accurate influence.

7. auto-fill

Auto fill could appear like an beautiful, time-saving possibility. However, it opens your web site and makes it straight forward for a hacker to access it. You should never expose your website to attacks that take advantage of the laziness of a legitimate user.

8. Install security applications

For protect your website from hacker WordPress has many good free and paid for web security applications that you can install for safe your site it will make life a bit more difficult for hackers. Wordfence: WordPress Security Plugin

is a  free WordPress plugin that will protect your website from hacker this WordPress Plugin can provide an additional level of protection by hiding the identity of your website’s CMS.



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