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Protect Survivors, Eliminate Undead and Stop the Spread!IT’S A ZOMBIE PLAYGROUND OUT THERE! This is HALLOWEEN UPDATE BRAND NEW GAME MODE .New Prestige system in this mode allows you to collect Milestone Rewards multiple times!

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Protect Survivors, Eliminate Undead and Stop the Spread!


* Play through 100+ adrenaline-pumping person shooter missions to forestall the unfold of the zombie virus

* Terrorize the Undead up shut and private with a large arsenal of Assault Rifles, Shotguns, crack shot Rifles and Machine Guns

* Pushing the boundaries with beautiful next-level graphics showcasing the zombie-infested chaos and infected town

* Fight and overcome hordes of zombies together with Screechers, Jumpers, Exploders and alternative atrocious sorts of zombie monstrosities

KILL ZOMBIES and appearance DAMN smart DOING IT!

* Get adorned with a good kind of apocalyptic gear to survive the zombie invasion

* want a boost? Unleash hell with power ups together with health packs, slow-mos, and armor piercing rounds

* Equip epic apocalyptic gear and weapons to unlock your full Zombie killing potential


* produce a survival faction and obliterate the undead together! Climb the Leaderboards
* contend against players and factions everywhere the globe for Zombie glory!
* Chat along with your friends and allies as you battle your approach through the Zombie Apocalypse!
* Urban Onslaught and concrete Pandemic event modes are enclosed to survive against hordes of the infected and powerful boss-like super zombies

The Best independent agency Zombie Survival Shooting Game on Mobile! Play currently for FREE!



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