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Hydraulic CALC pro

Hydraulic CALC pro


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Hydraulic CALC pro APK

Hydraulic CALC pro
Version Information : 1.40

* Note :
This is a PRO version of Hydraulic CALC, which is a free application.

There is no functional difference with the free version except the additional service to share the calculation results.

It is recommended to try the free version before you buy the PRO version.


I am developer of Hydraulic CALC and professional engineer of water supply and sewage system.

This application was developed mainly to provide a swift access to a variety of formulas, theories and coefficients related to hydraulics for civil engineers, especially working in the field of water supply and sewage system.

Every single formula in the program was employed with meticulous care, but as errors might exist, subsequent examinations are recommended.

The accuracy of the program will be continually updated as well as the types of formulas provided.



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