How To Make Phone Battery Last Longer –

Make Phone Battery Last Longer, Android phone battery don’t last long time ,This is the big problem all smartphone user . In this case why you smartphone battery not last longer because of those you device has big bright AMOLED and LCD screens ,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G and more apps are an obvious drain on your battery.

However , Following this tips and tricks you should be able to enhance your smartphone battery lasting longer , your just need making some changes to your smartphone settings . In this article we are not going to conceive here is to use your phone less. Our destination is to showing you how to reduce your phone’s power expenditure without making it unusable. So here some best way how you can increases your battery life and used your smartphone long time .

1. Screen brightness :

Maintain your Screen brightness hope you love your phone’s colourful display,big display bright shine screen but do you know ? Screen brightness is the mortal enemy to smartphone’s more than any other element of your phone .the display devour your phone battery life . So many smartphone include auto adjust Screen brightness feature that feature automatically control your smartphone’s brightness to suit ambient lighting balances .

This auto adjust Screen brightness feature mode conduct low power to evermore running your screen at full brightness power . But if you want get more better result to last your battery life more time’s Just change setting and turning your screen’s brightness down to the lowest setting. If now do this setting we strongly suggest you following this tips ,it will extend the life of your smartphone battery dramatically.

2. Set a rigid bedtime

Some of today’s phones feature automation tools, that allow you to, say, close up the mobile signal and Wi-Fi once an explicit time. putt your phone during this variety of iatrogenic coma can save power, therefore if your phone does not support scheduled  activities, install a management app like Tasker and switch off all non-essential stuff over night. Or stick it in plane mode yourself. you will sleep higher, too.

3. Deactivate Wi-Fi once not required

If your phone’s perpetually sniffing out and making an attempt to attach to each Wi-Fi signal within the space sort of a mechanism dog on heat, you are wasting power. switch Wi-Fi once out and regarding or after you understand you are not progressing to be needing it. A Home screen toggle can create this straightforward. think about it as one thing boring however essential you’ve got to try and do, like invariably putt your safety harness on.

4. transfer and synchronize solely on Wi-Fi

If you are a keen Dropbox user or bank heavily on music syncing services, you will profit greatly from solely doing all of your uploading through Wi-Fi. It’s immensely faster, which implies less property time for your phone and fewer strain on the battered recent Li reserves.

5. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

You can ne’er be too certain what is running itself within the background, what with all the multi-tasking, self-uploading, auto-replicating options in today’s trendy automaton apps, therefore a minimum of minimise the probabilities of one thing willy-nilly hoovering up all of your battery by perpetually attempting to attach to some non-existent server, by deleting any unused or recent apps.

6. Use push notifications if possible

Android’s integral email application is nice and classy and everything, however having it poll for messages each quarter-hour is not the best for your battery. If your mail supplier offers push notification support use it – the superb standalone Hotmail app will, for instance, which can facilitate reduce power drain to a small degree.

7. Switch off GPS

Unless you’re one of those people who’s still using Foursquare to tell
the world about it every time you go out to the shop to buy a packet of
crisps, there’s little reason to have GPS constantly active on your
phone. Turn it on when you need it, and use the option to have your
phone detect your location through the wi-fi connection. Wi-fi location
is usually close enough an approximation for most apps. And if they do
need GPS, they’re clever enough to tell you anyway.



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