Download ARK Survival Island Evolve 3D Pro Free Latest Version Android Game

Download ARK Survival Island Evolve 3D Pro Free Android Game Free Download . Hi survivor ,You have to find out a many island ,all island is full of dinosaurs. Also You get food, gather resources, craft weapons, instruments and armor.Along with thirst and hunger you will also feel painfully lonely. You will almost go crazy. That’s why you have to take care of your dino pet. Any dinosaur can be tamed. But try to tame a small dinosaur at first.


Download ARK Survival Island Evolve 3D Pro APk 

ARK Survival Island Evolve 3D Pro

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An cataclysm ended the world that we once knew. Everything’s changed. The nature’s changed. Once upon a time a human ruled the nature. But the nature won. Almost no humans remained. Survival become a reason fro existence. Finding resources, crafting weapons, instruments and clothes from them. Building shelter and fighting aggressive fauna. These are not just carnivorous animals, these are dinosaurs.
You tried to swim to the far away islands. Rumor has it that its warm and save there, full of resources and food. But a wild storm flipped the boat. You wake up on a desert island. Hot sun and green plants gave a hope for survival. You found a chest on the same beach. Adventure begins!



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